Is Wealthy Affiliate 
The Right Solution For Me?

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Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You

  • Become fully skilled in Affiliate marketing
  • Manage your affiliate business all on one platform
  • Network with knowledgeable people to help you solve your current problems
  • Turn your passion into passive income
  • Learn how to plan for the long-term
  • Stay up to date on the current marketing trends so you don't ever fall behind

Wealthy Affiliate Can't Help You

  • Get rich quick
  • Scam people
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • If you have a negative mindset
  • If you are afraid of commitment
  • If you don't take any action


Wealthy Affiliate can help you become successful, but you have to be honest with yourself and take the massive action you need to get there.

The 4 Steps To Your Success


Choose Your Niche

Choose a niche.

Whatever you are passionate about would be your best choice for a niche.

Don't waste too much time choosing because any niche can be made a success.

Flip a coin if you can't choose between one or another.

Have fun with whatever niche you pick.

If you are reading this and don't know what a niche is, then click the button below to learn more.


Build Your Website

Now it's time for you to build a website.

This is where you will be creating content for your niche.

Your website is your online real state.

You will learn how to create an inviting and unique website.

Want to learn how to create your website for FREE? Click the button below.


Attract Visitors To Your Website

After you have some content on your sites, it's time to attract visitors to your website.

No Visitors = No Money For You

You will learn how search Google (and other search engines), free traffic, paid traffic, and social media works to attract visitors to your website.

Learn the proven methods of online advertising.


Convert Your Visitors

Convert your visitors into cash commissions.

Your Visitors = Your Opportunity for profit

Send your visitors to commercial websites via an affiliate link.

If the visitors make a cash transaction, then you get a percentage (commission) of that.

Do this over and over to create passive income for yourself.

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  • Action Based, Step By Step, Task Oriented Training
  • Get Yourself Trained By Affiliates Of All Trades
  • You Will Get Certified In Online Entrepreneurship (5 Courses, 50 Lessons) 
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • View Your Training On Any Device (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
  • All Your Training Is Accessible 24/7 

The Numbers:

  • 52 Recorded Live Classes Every Year
  • Wealthy Affiliate Helped Over 217,530 Start Their New Business Last Year


  • Your Website Will Load Faster Than 2 Seconds On Average
  • Your Website Is Protected From Going Down With The Help Of 'Double Hosting'
  • Your Website Will Be Protected 24/7 (More Than 27 Million Hacking Attacks Blocked Yearly)
  • Daily Backups For Your Website Just In Case You Make A Mistake (Backups Every 24 Hours) 
  • You Get The Best Managed Hosting For Way Less Than Any Current Alternative  

The Numbers:

  • You Can Create 50 Websites Total (25 FREE & 25 Your Own Domains)
  • 1.3 Second Average Page Load Time (Excellent Speed Rating)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Kept Everyone Safe By Blocking 27,195,900 Hacking Attacks In The Past Year 
  • Wealthy Affiliate Is 2 To 6 Times More Affordable Than Alternative Hosts  


  • More Than A Million Domains Available So You Can Get Creative 
  • Professional Domain Emails Included For You
  • Domain And Privacy Protection Included For Each Domain You Own
  • Your Domain(s) Are Protected From Spammers, Scammers, Solicitors, and Your Competition
  • Simple Settings So You Can Save Time And Focus On Your Business Instead
  • Absolutely No Upsells - Everything Is Included For One Flat Price (Even Advanced DNS Automation And Management)

The Numbers:

Domain Prices Includes Privacy Protection, SSL Certificate, Email Accounts, and Premium DNS. You Will Save $28.64 To $94.97 Per Domain Per Year By Purchasing Your Domains Through Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Domain Price: $13.99/Year
  • $108.96/Year
  • $42.63/Year
  • $84.02


  • Get Help By A Community Of Teachers Instead of One
  • Get Help When You Need It By A Supportive Community That Cares About Your Success 24/7 
  • You Can Connect With 800k+ People From Around 195 Countries (Including Your Own Country) 
  • Create Business Relationships And Professionally Collaborate With Members Of The Community 
  • Get Helped By The Community In Less Than 2 Minutes On Average

The Numbers:

  • The Wealthy Affiliate Community Is Active 24/7
  • 32,000+ Community Interactions Per Day
  • 10,000's Of People Networking Inside Wealthy Affiliate 
  • 1.8 Seconds Is The Average Time To Get An Answer


  • 24/7/365 Rapid Support For You
  • You Will Even Get Help And Responses From The Founders
  • You Will Always Be Up To Date
  • You Will Experience Multiple Improvements Throughout The Year

The Numbers:

  • 14 Years Of Helping People Like You
  • Helped Over 1.5 Million Affiliate Entrepreneurs
  • 750+ Training Updates Per Year To Keep Your Knowledge Up To Date
  • 155 System Improvements In the Past Year To Make Sure Everything Runs Smooth For Everyone



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